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ED treatment is an interesting subject – every time you begin talking about the benefits and disadvantages of different meds, their peculiar characteristics and side effects and so and so on. Still, you always end up discussing one thing: how incredibly overpriced these meds are. Tonight we will skip the first part and talk about the prices straight from the start – the prices charged for one particular med, in fact, Levitra. How Levitra prices vary depending on where on the world’s map you are and what to do in order to bring your Levitra cost down as low as it’s only possible? Let’s go ahead and get these questions answered.

How much does Levitra cost in the US?

First of all, let us be honest to our readers: US is absolutely the worst when it comes to Levitra cost. Thus, if you have a chance to buy your Levitra online on in person from somewhere else, don’t hesitate to do it. Otherwise, get ready to cope with prices averaging $30 a pill. The absolute lowest that you can expect to find is $25 a pill but, frankly, we personally have never seen such prices anywhere. It’s just some people talking on the Internet that they are getting their pills this cheap and it’s not from abroad or online, so… There’s no reason for us to not believe them.

On the other hand, the US is also where at least some part of your ED treatment is more than just likely to be covered by your health insurance plan. Of course, there are some insurance companies that refuse to take care of your Viagra, Cialis or Levitra prescription cost but why choose these in the first place?

Your insurance plan doesn’t include any ED meds? Don’t lose hope – there’s still something you can do in order to save huge on Levitra. If you are under 65 and your insurance plan doesn’t include any ED pills, you can just go on Levitra.com and download their special offer voucher giving you a huge discount on your next 6 prescriptions or refills of 4-6 tablets of Levitra. With this coupon on your hands, you will get Levitra at a price no higher than $8 a pill and maybe even cheaper! Too bad this coupon is limited to 6 prescriptions or refills but… Anyway, it might keep you going up until the moment when it’s time to renew your health insurance and this time you know you’ll be picking a plan that does take care of your sex life quality too, right?

Levitra prices in Canada and Mexico

Believe it or not but simply going to the north of the border can reduce your Levitra costs by around 50 percent or even more. Even the most reliable land-based chain pharmacies in Canada sell Levitra for $15 a pill or even less. And we’re not even talking about online pharmacies where this ED medication is available to you for around $10 and it’s still of impeccable original quality, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKlein or Bayer and so and so on. The prices in Mexico are more or less the same – but the difference is that you can also buy generic vardenafil (we’ll talk about what it is and how much it costs a little later), both online and in land-based pharmacies and you can do it without prescription, unlike in the US! Now these are the prices that we would definitely love to see in the States one day.

So, how come Levitra is twice as expensive in the US as it is in Canada and Mexico? It’s actually pretty simple: both of the latter countries have centralized healthcare systems, which allows the government to bargain for price with pharmaceutical companies. In the US, in its turn, the prices of medication are defined by fairly obscure ‘laws of the market’, translating: the manufacturers of different meds are free to charge as much as they want to and as much as the buyers can afford to pay. Not fair? But that’s the way it is, not much we can do about it. It’s absolutely no surprise that 75% of Americans are already buying or planning to buy their drugs from abroad in the nearest future.

Levitra prices in the UK and Europe

So, you heard that the prices in the UK and the rest of Europe are really steep, so you probably expect that Levitra is at least as expensive there as it does in the States? Well, you’re wrong – compared to what they are charging in their pharmacies, ours are twice or even three times as expensive again. The average price you will see in the United Kingdom is GBP 8 per pill, which totals $12. The prices are more or less the same all around Europe – a little higher in the West, a little lower in the East. Cheap Levitra generics are also available in quite a few of European countries, so if you are not that much of a brand-name Levitra fan, you can always bring your ED treatment expenses down even lower until they get totally tiny. There are pharmacies in the UK selling generic Viagra and other similar meds at GBP 2 a pill, which is around $3 bucks and, consequently, 10 times less than what you’re paying for your Levitra in the States. Saying that price difference is huge is almost like saying nothing at all.

How much does generic Levitra cost around the world?

As you might already know, vardenafil or ‘generic Levitra’, as they often call it on the Internet is an ED medication similar or even 100% identical to brand-name Levitra – though manufactured by pharmaceutical companies other than GSK or Bayer and sold at a tiny fraction of brand-name Levitra’s price.

Generic Levitra is usually manufactured in countries like India, Mexico or Thailand and sold worldwide over the Internet. How come nobody is making or selling it in land-based pharmacies in the United States? Well, say thanks to GlaxoSmithKlein and Bayer AG once again. These companies hold the exclusive patent for manufacturing and selling vardenafil-based ED drugs in the States and other developed countries of the world. On one hand, this is very fair – they were the ones who developed vardenafil in the first place, so they should probably be the ones to get all the profit from it. Nevertheless, what is not fair is the price they sell their stuff at – they set the prices as high as they only can in every country, which makes Levitra barely affordable.

One way or another, there are a few markets that GSK and Bayer were not really interested in straight from the start. Take India, for example. The people there don’t have as much money as people in the US, so the sales of Levitra were low, the market was claimed to have low potential and left alone. That’s exactly what local pharmaceutical manufacturers used for their own profit – since GSM and Bayer didn’t bother to protect their patent rights in India, numerous drug manufacturers started producing Levitra knockoffs there. And we can’t say that these knockoffs are of lower quality if compared to the original pill – they are almost always identical to it and work just as well. However, as there’s lots of competition in the local market, none of the manufacturers dare to set their prices sky-high. What you get as the result are Levitra alternatives of perfect quality costing as low as $1 to $5 a pill!

Some people say that Levitra generics are dangerous, that you always risk running into counterfeit meds when buying them, especially online and so and so on. Well, we tend to think that all that is a little exaggerated – as long as you’re purchasing a medication by a reliable manufacturer from a reliable supplier, you’re 100% safe. Just take the time to look through a couple of online pharmacy directories and read what people on Internet forums say about the manufacturer and the online pharmacy you are interested in. If the feedback is alright, then you’re good to go and buy from there. With generic Levitra prices being 10 to 30 times lower than what they charge for the name brand, these meds are definitely worth trying.

Why is generic Levitra so cheap?

Oh right, this is the question that we see a lot every here and there. ‘If generic Levitra is as good as the original pill, then why the hell is it so cheap’? The question is legit, okay, but the answer to it is more obvious than most people think. Judge yourself: being the monopolists in most of the country markets, GSK and Bayer are free to set their prices as high as they want to. Besides, they know their patents are likely to expire soon making generic Levitra available worldwide, so it’s absolutely no surprise that they are trying to reap as much benefit from their wonder drug as it’s only possible.

And it’s not all about greed and being a monopolist and stuff here. In fact, big pharmaceutical companies like GSK and Bayer have enormous expenses, which results in their prices being so high. They have enormous factories and warehouses to build or rent and take care of, they have thousands of people working for them, they have got enormous marketing costs to cover… A little bit of it all is included into the price you’re buying your Levitra at. Only rational, isn’t it?

Small pharmaceutical companies located in developing countries and manufacturing generic drugs don’t have to worry about any of the above. Their production facilities are more modest, they employ fewer people and operate in countries where wages and taxes are really low, they never run any advertisement campaigns… They spend less money making vardenafil, so they can afford to sell it much cheaper too.

Are Levitra prices expected to go down in future?

Nothing in this world lasts forever and GSK’s and Bayer’s patents are not an exception from the rule, fortunately. These are expected to expire in 2018 and, if these two companies fail to prolong them, generic Levitra will go on sale all around the world immediately. That’s when the prices will drop hugely and treating ED will no longer be that expensive. However, there’s always a chance that the FDA will cave in and prolong the patent for the manufacturers of brand-name Levitra, just like it has done with other meds before, so… Don’t anticipate 2018 too strongly, just in case.

Summing up everything we have said above, let’s finish this article up with a brief overview of Levitra prices. If you prefer the brand-name medication, be ready to pay around $10 to $12 a pill in most places around the world and up to $30 a pill in the States. If you’re okay with generics, $1 to $5 will be your price depending on where you’re based, what manufacturers you’re looking at and what pharmacies you’re buying from. The choice is all yours!

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